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Artist Protection

Artist Protection

Artist safety requires a sensitive protection system and order. If artists go out into the public and communicate with the public, they are protected very tightly by close guards, which may cause the artist to receive negative reactions. However, possible attacks must be monitored very carefully and prevented before they reach the artist.

There are many special security points such as backstage doors, corridors where the artist will exit and the front of the stage. Artists who receive VIP protection services are also evaluated by those around them for the appearance of their bodyguards.

Secret Security Strategies

While ensuring the safety of artists, guards must act carefully and detect possible threats in advance and prevent them before they reach the artist. This ensures both the safety and comfort of the artist. Using covert security strategies, bodyguards protect the artist without attracting attention by posing as relatives, friends, or crew members. This strategic approach minimizes security risks and does not negatively impact the artist's interaction with the public.

There are many special points where security must be ensured for artists. Areas such as backstage doors, corridors where the artist will exit and the front of the stage are critical points that require special security measures. Guards are positioned at these points to ensure the safety of the artist and can intervene immediately against possible threats. The measures taken at tactical protection points create a safe environment from the artist's appearance on stage to his performance and exit from the stage.

Artist Protection

In artist protection services, detailed security plans are made according to the artist's schedule and needs. These plans aim to detect and prevent all kinds of threats in advance. Our security solutions provide the highest level of protection without restricting the artist's freedom of movement. Planning for the safety of the artist includes the proscenium, backstage, exit corridors and other critical points. In this way, the artist is ensured to be safe at all times.

Professional Education and Appearance

Artists who receive VIP protection services are evaluated not only for their security, but also for the professional and reassuring appearance of their bodyguards. Our bodyguards are professionally trained and experienced people. These guards, who have undergone challenging training both physically and technically, specialize in artist security. Their training includes crisis management and strategic thinking skills, as well as defense and intervention techniques. In this way, they can intervene against possible threats calmly and effectively.

Customer Oriented Service

Customer satisfaction is our priority in artist protection services. Our guards take the artist's specific needs and expectations into consideration when creating their security plan. Special solutions are developed and implemented for each situation. Thanks to our customer-focused approach, artists feel both safe and comfortable. At every stage of our security services, the satisfaction and safety of the artist is kept at the highest level.

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As the Bodyguard team, we provide special close protection services to individuals and institutions. Our protection services are divided into armed and unarmed depending on need.


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