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It is a daily private close protection service. Your close guards, specially prepared according to the situation, are armed and unarmed specially selected close guards who have the appearance and planning ability to look like your relative, your friend or your team that constantly works with you, and show that you are strong to those who pose a threat to you, and can make those who pose a threat stay away from you.

Tactical Protection Approaches

It not only provides physical protection. It also stands out with its strategic outlook and planning abilities. He stays with you without attracting attention, pretending to be your relative, friend or colleague. They detect and eliminate possible threats in advance. This approach minimizes security risks. It also offers you a comfortable and stress-free environment.

Depending on the situation, close guards can serve both armed and unarmed. Armed guards provide effective protection in high-risk situations. Additionally, unarmed guards ensure safety in lower risk environments. This flexibility provides solutions to suit all your security needs. Guards are equipped with the ability to intervene in incidents. Thus, they provide an immediate and effective response to any threat.

Professional Training and Experience

Daily Protection

Close bodyguards are experienced and professionally trained people in their field. They prepare for their duties by undergoing challenging training both physically and psychologically. Their training is not limited to just defense and intervention techniques. It also includes strategic thinking, crisis management and communication skills. In this way, they can act calmly in any situation and produce the most effective solutions.

Close guards show high flexibility when moving with you. It adapts to the tempo of your meetings, conversations and daily plans. Thus, they carry out their duties without causing interruptions or disturbances. This adaptability ensures your safety and enables you to run your daily business smoothly.

Customer Oriented Service

Meeting security/Daily Customer satisfaction is at the forefront in protection services. Bodyguards constantly take into account your needs and expectations to provide you with the best service. When security planning is carried out, strategies appropriate to your specific situation and needs are developed and implemented. This customer-focused approach provides you with an environment that is both safe and comfortable.


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You can get detailed information about all our protection services by contacting the Bodyguard Team.

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As the Bodyguard team, we provide special close protection services to individuals and institutions. Our protection services are divided into armed and unarmed depending on need.


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