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Court - Hearing Security

court hearing security

Many problems that have been brought or are being brought to court processes may result in one of the parties attacking or using violence against the other party on the way to and from the courthouse on case days. Against such threats, our close guards provide you with a high level of security with special measures. You are protected at every stage, from your pick-up to your hearing to your return home.

Strategic and Secret Security Measures

Our close guards protect you by applying strategic and secret security measures against threats. Our armed and unarmed team is prepared for any situation by working in coordination according to the threat you face. Our guards use the most appropriate strategies to eliminate potential threats both around the courthouse and while traveling. This approach protects you from violent incidents while also letting the other party know that you are under strong protection.

Professional and Trained Team

Our court-trial security services are provided by professional and trained close protection personnel. Our bodyguards are experts in martial and defensive arts and can intervene effectively in any attack or threat situation. Our armed and unarmed protection teams carry out their duties with the utmost care and attention, ensuring your security at the highest level.

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By picking you up with our private vehicle, we ensure your safety during the hearing and on the way back. Our vehicles are equipped with safety equipment and protect you at every stage of your journey. Knowing that the other party has a strong hand in court proceedings is an additional precaution and protects you from possible threats.

Flexible Service Options

Our court-trial security service is offered daily and hourly. We meet your short or long-term security demands with flexible service options according to your needs. The ability to provide 24/7 service in Türkiye and around the world is ideal to meet all your security needs during court processes. Our professional protection team is prepared for all kinds of threats and risk situations.

Customer satisfaction is at the center of our services. In court-trial security services, we offer you the most appropriate security solutions, taking into account your specific needs and expectations. Our bodyguards aim to keep your security at the highest level while creating security plans. Thanks to our customer-oriented approach, you will experience a safe and peaceful service experience.

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You can get detailed information about all our protection services by contacting the Bodyguard Team.

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As the Bodyguard team, we provide special close protection services to individuals and institutions. Our protection services are divided into armed and unarmed depending on need.


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