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Yacht-Boat Security

yacht boat security protection

It is our team that ensures the protection of yachts and their passengers at sea and on land, with armed and unarmed guards 24/7. It is a specially equipped team that prevents threats from land and sea when your yacht is in the port or at the pier.

Secret Security Strategies

Yacht – boat security/protectionensures your security by planning against threats at sea and on land. Guards take a strong stance against those who pose a threat by acting as your relative, friend or crew member. This approach ensures that security risks are minimized.

Our guards are specially equipped teams that prevent threats from land and sea when your yacht is in the port or at the pier. These professionals, who can work armed or unarmed, ensure your safety during your sea voyages and your stay in the port. Yacht protection services require being prepared for any situation and the ability to respond quickly.

Yacht Boat Security

Our team makes detailed plans for yacht security, detecting and preventing all kinds of threats in advance. We offer flexible security solutions according to your yacht's location, route and specific needs. This planning ensures that your yacht travels safely and stays in port. Our security solutions develop the best protection strategies, taking into account all possibilities.

Professional Training and Equipment

Our bodyguards are professionally trained, experienced and well-equipped people. These guards, who have undergone challenging training both physically and technically, specialize in yacht and boat security. Their training includes crisis management and strategic thinking skills, as well as defense and intervention techniques. In this way, they can intervene against possible threats calmly and effectively.

Our guards show high flexibility in their yacht and boat security services. They fulfill their duties by adapting to your plans while you are cruising or during your stay in the port. This adaptability not only ensures your safety without interruption, but also makes it possible for you to continue your daily activities comfortably.

Customer Oriented Service

Yacht – boat security/protection Customer satisfaction in our services is at the forefront for us. Our guards take your specific needs and expectations into account when creating their security plans. Special solutions are developed and implemented for each situation. Thanks to our customer-focused approach, you will have a safe and stress-free travel experience.

Do You Need Close Protection?

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You can get detailed information about all our protection services by contacting the Bodyguard Team.

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As the Bodyguard team, we provide special close protection services to individuals and institutions. Our protection services are divided into armed and unarmed depending on need.


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